Friday, September 1, 2023

Pete's Eats New Route Book - Volume Two - 1987-1992

Now live to buy on Amazon, the second in the trilogy of new routes books from the legendary Pete's Eats cafe in Llanberis, North Wales.

The introduction from this volume has been written by my good old friend Paul Pritchard, a man with quite a connection with Pete's Eats and Llanberis, as well as also adding his own fair share of hard new routes into the books themselves.

The book can be ordered direct from Amazon HERE for £28.95 plus P&P, or can be ordered direct from for the princely sum of £28.00 including P&P

REMEMBER: 20% of nett profits will be donated to the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team.


Monday, August 14, 2023

Volumes in the RockArchivist ‘New Route Books’ Collection

Please note for each volume, a percentage of nett profits will be donated to an agreed cause, which includes: Edale Mountain Rescue, the North Wales Bolt Fund, the Wilton One Climbers' Memorial, Snowdon Mountain Rescue, Ambleside Mountain Rescue and the Bolton Mountain Rescue teams.

These volumes will be available to purchase from Amazon, or direct using the links below.

The Black Dog, Lancashire

During the early 1980s, the Black Dog pub in Belmont was the focal point for climbers visiting the quarries. Its new routes book includes routes by Paul Pritchard, Dave Kenyon, John Hartley, John Monks and a variety of others.

Published: 19th June 2023
ISBN: 9798389142404
Printed Pages: c106

Introduction by: Ian Lonsdale, Lancashire activist and landlord of the Black Dog.

Two Purchase Options:
Direct: £12.95 (free postage): Buy it Here!
Amazon Price: £12.95 - Buy it Here!

 Lover’s Leap Café, Stoney Middleton: 1982-1994

Covers the eight known surviving books covering the period 1982-1994.

Published: 29th July 2023
Pages: c539

Introduction by: Chris Gore, former Peak District activist and Stoney Café dweller.

Two Purchase Options:
Direct: £34.95 (free postage): Buy it Here!
Amazon Price: £34.95 - Buy it Here!

The Outside, Hathersage

The three books housed in the Outside shop in Hathersage since 1987, including standout routes such as Parthian Shot, Toploader, Appointment with Death and many more.

ISBN: 9798388233219
Pages: c305

Introduction by: Dick Turnbull

Two Purchase Options:
Direct: £22.95 (free postage): Buy it Here!
Amazon Price: £22.95 - Buy it Here!

Pete's Eats New Route Books Volume 1: 1978-1987

The first of three volumes of books from Pete's Eats, with this book covering 5 surviving books from 1978 to 1987.

ISBN: 9798389355569

Pages: c472

Introduction by: Johnny Dawes

Two Purchase Options:

Direct: £30.95 (free postage) - Buy it Here!

Amazon Price: £30.95 - Buy it Here!

Future Books in the Collection:

The second of the three Pete's Eats volumes covering eight physical books between 1987 and 1992.

ISBN: 9798859607587

Printed Pages: c422

Introduction by: Paul Pritchard

Publication: September 2023

Pre-Order it Here!

The final book in the Pete's Eats trilogy, covering the 7 physical books spanning 1992-2008.

ISBN: 9798399632766

Printed Pages: c422

Introduction by: Nick Dixon

Publication: October 2023

Pre-Order it Here!

IN DRAFT: Brian Cropper’s Manchester YHA Books

The new route books kept by Brian Cropper in the Manchester YHA shop, including the following areas:
Peak District Gritstone, Peak District Limestone, The Kinder, Bleaklow and Chew Valley areas.
Lancashire, Yorkshire, Lake District, South Lakes Limestone, Merseyside Sandstone, Southern Sandstone, Northumberland, Scotland, Wales, South West, Ireland and Majorca.

Pages: c593

Introduction by: Gabe Regan

IN DRAFT: Tanky’s Shop in Sheffield

The book held in Tanky's shop in Sheffield between 1975 and 1979 when it was removed from the shop without permission. It subsequently reappeared during work on the Peak Rock book in 2011.

ISBN: 9798389406865
Pages: c74

IN DRAFT: Rock 'n Run, Ambleside

Introduction by: TBC


Pages: c595

 IN DRAFT: Eric’s Café, Tremadog

Introduction by: TBC 


Pages: c123

IN DRAFT: Joe Royle’s Shop, Buxton

Introduction by: Andi Turner


Pages: 147

IN DRAFT: Al Parker’s Shop in Glossop

Introduction by: TBC


Pages: TBC

IN DRAFT: Lyon Sports, Llandudno

Introduction by: TBC


Pages:  circa 200


Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Cat is out of the Bag!

It's taken a long time to get to where this project is today, but the limited posts I made on Facebook last week brought so much love and positivity for the project that yes; now is the time to go public and get the message out to a wider audience.

Let me explain...

In November 2009 I met up with Graham Hoey in the café at the Outside in Hathersage. Graham was in possession of the new route books that resided in the Lovers' Leap café in Stoney Middleton, and he'd had been thinking about making the books available to a wider audience.

I had recently moved back to Sheffield and was looking for a climbing-based project to get to grips with and publishing the books online seemed a great fit, so I designed a simple web site and we were away!

I followed this up by collecting together a number of books from different locations; each one being returned to the owner once it had been scanned. The results were all put online for people to access freely, and the site became increasingly popular.

Then I came across a web site - purely by chance - that had ripped off thousands of the scanned images, and was basically getting free content with very little intellectual effort (although it must have taken a lot of effort to download each individual image!)

At that point, the RockArchivist web site closed down, and I began to think about how else we could deliver the content to an appreciative audience. After a few years, and a lot of head scratching, this is where we are today, releasing the whole collection of new route books in physical form; as books that you can buy, browse, flick through, use for research, annotate yourself and basically giggle over a heck of a lot of testosterone-fuelled bravado.

I sincerely hope everyone embraces this project and enjoys the results. Perhaps the best thing about it though it is now also a vehicle for raising money for good causes, and that can't be at all bad now, can it?

Phil Kelly, August 2023